Introducing Landsea Mortgage

Landsea Homes is excited to announce the launch of Landsea Mortgage Powered by NFM Lending. This new service offering will further enhance the buying and closing process for our customers. As the 2022 Builder of the Year, Landsea Homes continues to be customer-focused and experience-driven throughout the entire home buying journey.


“At Landsea Homes, our main goal and core value is providing the highest quality of customer care so that homebuyers can truly ‘live in their element.’ We believe homebuyers will find Landsea Mortgage offers vital support in the homebuying process” said Mike Forsum, President and Chief Operating Officer of Landsea Homes.


In addition to offering this exclusive financial service for our homebuyers, our team of experts is a valuable resource throughout the entire home buying journey. Wondering if now is the right time to buy? Yes, and here’s why:


A Loan Made for You

Our team is your greatest asset – use them! Landsea Mortgage Powered by NFM Lending will work with you to determine the loan that best fits your specific needs. They’ll review your finances and position in order to suggest the most appropriate lending option. Working with our dedicated team, you can feel confident that you’re leaning on a group of tried-and-true professionals that take your trust very seriously.


A Home That Fits Your Lifestyle

Rather than figuring out how to make spaces in a resale home work for you, you can focus on the innovative features of your new home. You deserve curated features that gel with your family and how you live. Landsea Homes’ LiveFlex® program offers thoughtfully designed options to enhance your home, creating spaces for focusing, learning and even working out. These options offer solutions that optimize privacy and provide smart home technology for how you live today. Get more details on LiveFlex® here and create your own home gym, home office or educational space. You can always look to the Design Center to personalize your home based on your tastes and preferences. The best part? Landsea Mortgage will work with you to have your Design Center costs built into your monthly mortgage payment.


Savings All Around

Energy efficiencies are one of the best benefits of purchasing a new home from Landsea Homes – it means you save money and natural resources. Your new space will afford you more ways to save via a variety of built-in energy-efficient features. Eco-friendly features like enhanced insulation, LED lighting and ENERGY STAR® certified appliances add to your home’s efficiency – saving energy and lowering your utility bill (cha-ching). Landsea’s High Performance Homes are specially outfitted to preserve natural resources and save you money at the same time – a win across the board. Read more about High Performance Homes here.


A Healthier Home

We know that clean air is an absolute must-have – that’s why Landsea Homes ensures that your home has the cleanest air possible with our Healthy Lifestyle program and an included REME HALO®air-purification system. This state-of-the-art purifier seamlessly connects to your air conditioner to eliminate bacteria, mold, allergens, odor and other pollutants. With purified air distributed throughout your home, you can rest assured that you and your family are breathing cleaner air. Learn more about our High Performance Homes, which are responsibly designed to respect the planet. With money-saving innovation to stay healthier and more comfortable, and home automation technology supported by our partnership with Apple®, it’s easier to take on every day.


Right now is the right time to buy a new home, no matter where you’re looking to buy, and we offer a wide range of single-family homes, townhomes and condos in vibrant communities. Explore your national options: Southern CaliforniaNorthern CaliforniaArizonaTexasFlorida and NYC Metro.


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