Introducing LiveFlex® – The Evolution of Home Design

The new reality we’re facing has changed the way we view our lives—whether it’s the things we do, where we spend our time or the homes we live in. Landsea Homes is introducing LiveFlex®, a future-forward initiative that introduces thoughtful ways to personalize your home to seamlessly cater to your lifestyle.


As a leading homebuilder, Landsea Homes has consulted with talented architects and interior designers  and collaborated on how home design is evolving to meet these changing needs. We’ve noticed four common trends that just might be here to stay.


1. Flexibility Is Better

Now more than ever, it’s important to have flexible space in your home. With so many people currently working from home, having the room to create functional office spaces, fitness rooms, play areas or anything else you feel fits your personal lifestyle has become essential. This is where LiveFlex® comes in.


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LiveFlex® homes let you decide how to make home yours one room at a time. Whether the goal is remote learning, finding your zen or catering to your creative side, you can take your pick from two specialized option packages to take your dedicated space to its full potential. Maybe it’s an in-home classroom with soundproof walls. A fitness center with all the right outlets for all the right equipment. Or the kind of audio capabilities that keep your business ahead of the game. From the thoughtful construction to the innovative technology, it’s all customized to your specific needs for a place that’s designed for possibilities and made for the way you live each day—because home should truly revolve around you.


The sharp design minds at Ryan Young Interiors have weighed in on this subject too. “One in-home office is not enough for two working parents. Dual office spaces that offer privacy for virtual meetings are becoming important.” LiveFlex® units, like the ones now selling at Catalina in Santa Clara, are especially practical during this time, featuring private spaces specifically designed for working away from your main living area with a powder room and extra storage space.


Plan 2 Bonus Room | Catalina | New homes in Santa Clara, California | Landsea Homes


Not only is having a functional workspace for you essential but also the kids need places to set up shop. Students of all ages are adapting to the evolving definition of a classroom as most schools have started the year holding virtual classes only. There has been an influx of college students and also new, young professionals moving back in with parents to work and learn from home. No matter the age of your child, it’s important that they have their own space to learn, work and unwind.


The kids may be moving back, but aging parents are also making moves in order to support their children’s families in lieu of daycare and schooling systems. KTGY Architecture + Planning has taken notice of this future-shaping trend. “Design ideas related to multi-generational living are shifting. We are now seeing households with 3+ generations spending significant amounts of time together under one roof.” That’s why homes that have flexible room options and can accommodate more family are becoming more popular, such as Plan 2 at Windstone at IronRidge in Lake Forest with a spacious first-floor LiveGen™ suite or Mandarin at Farmstead at Harvest in Queen Creek with a private-entry casita.


What the official name of a room may be doesn’t have as much weight anymore. If it’s a LiveFlex® space, you can turn it into a home office, school room, guest bedroom, fitness hub or whatever your lifestyle may need. It’s space designed to do what you need it to. Check out the Flex and Flex Plus option packages here.


2. Keep It Clean

One thing that has gained a lot of attention in the current pandemic is overall cleanliness and how to prevent the spread of illness starting at home. An evolving construction trend is the installation of non-porous countertops and flooring, which means your home’s surfaces won’t hang on to any moisture or substances and be less likely to spread germs.


Landsea Homes has been taking every healthy stride possible. To make our home shoppers feel even safter while touring  our communities, a REME HALO® air purifying system has been installed at sales offices and model homes. Not only is the buying process safer, but you get to take this peace of mind with you straight to homeownership with this state-of-the-art technology now offered as an option for your very own home.


Entry spaces, mud rooms and drop zones have become highly desirable spaces, allowing you to leave shoes and bags and disinfect what you can before walking into the main living area of your home. In Plan 2 at Crestley at Deerlake Ranch in Chatsworth, you’ll have an entry-adjacent drop zone with cabinets and direct access to a powder room so you can leave your things and wash your hands before stepping into the kitchen to cook dinner for the family.


Entry | Plan Two | Crestley | New homes in Chatsworth, CA | Landsea Homes


Another space that’s great to have close to your entryway is a large laundry room, like the one at Bartlett at Germann Country Garden Estates in Chandler. Not only could you use this as a drop zone for shoes and bags, but you can also throw anything from jackets and sweaters to cloth masks right into the washer as soon as you get home. The best part—you have the option to put a sink in this room so you can wash up and feel carefree while kicking back on the great room couch.


3. Smart Home Technology

Home automation systems are now expected as standard features in new homes, and we predict that there’s so much more to come in the world of smart home technology.


Young Couple relaxing on sofa in living room looking at mobile phone together after work


The voice control and touchless features are a definite plus when it comes to cleanliness, with many home automation systems easily controlled by a single app on your smart phone. Even if it makes for only one less device you need to touch, it lessens the chance of anyone in the family spreading germs. And KTGY Architecture + Planning foresees more smart innovation centered on healthier living in the near future. “The next evolution of home technology is integration with software and systems that monitor the health of home environments, including indoor air quality, water quality, lighting levels and energy usage.”


Not only can smart home technology take part in your family’s effort towards a cleaner environment, but it can also end up saving you a lot of money. With so many people working from home and looking to devices for entertainment, you want your home to excel in energy efficiency. Whether it’s smart devices and appliances or sustainable construction, there’s no limit to how you can save energy and money just by choosing the home you live in. Our High Performance Homes come with the whole package: home automation powered by Apple HomeKit, energy-efficient features and sustainable design which means you can live in a home that’s healthier for you and better for your wallet without any extra effort or cost.


4. At-Home Entertainment

When you’re working from home, you need to have a home office space, but it’s just as important to have places to sit back and unwind.


Media Room | Copperleaf | IronRidge | New homes in Lake Forest, California | Landsea Homes

Whether you have a bonus room or loft, you can transform any extra room you have into a LiveFlex® space that will perfectly fit your lifestyle. Since at-home entertainment is the safest option right now, OBJEKTdesigns has seen that families have been prioritizing taking these extra rooms and spaces to the next level. Whether you need extra outlets, prime connectivity or a customized ambiance, the features that come with LiveFlex® packages can help make it happen. “People want to create spaces for the kids to run around and play or outdoor spots where they can host movie nights. Fire pits, game tables, pools and hot tubs are jumping to the top of the must-have list.”


How connected your home is to the outdoors is truly taking on a new level of importance. When you have to be in the house all day, there’s nothing like stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air—not to mention it’s the safest space to meet up with loved ones right now. At Plan 1 at Skylark at Sanctuary Village in Newark, you have the option of adding a garage door to the bonus space in the garage. This will give you even more room to create your perfect indoor-outdoor area.


This new reality we’re living in may have you questioning how to utilize every inch of the space you have at home, and now you’ve got an inside look at how our approach to design is evolving to meet your changing needs—from the LiveFlex® initiative to High Performance Home features and air purifying technology. With a wide range of homes in Northern CaliforniaSouthern California,  Arizona, Texas, Florida, Colorado and NYC Metro, you can be assured that Landsea Homes has innovative new home options that are bound to check off all the boxes on your newfound perfect-home list.


You can explore LiveFlex® in our new home communities throughout Northern California, Southern California, Arizona and the New York Metro area. Be sure to Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram to keep up to date on all the latest news and updates from Landsea Homes.