Create Fun Lifestyle Scenes with Your Apple® HomeKit® Technology

When you live in a High Performance Home, it’s clear that Landsea Homes kept homeowners’ convenience and innovation at the forefront. This is the kind of forward-thinking smart home technology that brings your living environment to the next level with customizable comfort.

That means when it comes to living in your element, the home automation features made possible with Apple® HomeKit® technology are in your corner—and everywhere you want them to be. In addition to connecting all the smart devices in your home, you can use the Apple® Home app to create scenes that put multiple automations in motion all at the same time.

Whether it’s as simple as turning off all the lights and locking the front door at the end of the day or getting creative so “Hey Siri, it’s game time” automatically lowers the shades and turns on the TV—it can all be easily programmed with a few taps on your phone screen.

Your home can truly be at your command and customized to fit your lifestyle. Here are some of our favorite scene ideas to help spark more inspiration.

Girls’ Night In

When it’s time for a girls’ night in, you want the vibe to be just right. Just pick your favorite food and music and let Siri do the rest. When the doorbell rings at your High Performance Home, all you have to do is say, “Hey Siri, Girls’ Night In.” Then start enjoying time with friends as the shades lower, the lights dim and the music begins to play.

Home Sweet Home

Coming home is one of the best feelings. So why not treat it like an event? Using the Apple® Home app, you can personalize how your home greets you. Just say “Hey Siri, Home Sweet Home” to set things in motion. Then you can swiftly go from work mode to relaxing time while the lights turn on, shades roll up, thermostat adjusts and doors lock—it’s that easy.

More Scene Inspiration:

  • Good Morning: Start your day with an easy voice command as the blinds open, lights turn on, smart plug starts coffee, and Spotify plays your favorite music.
  • Yoga Time: Find your Zen as the lights dim, soft music plays.
  • Study Time: Set the scene for learning with a quick voice command and watch the lights turn on, the blinds close and soft background music comes on.
  • Time to Cook: Ready when you are, the lights brighten and the perfect Spotify playlist creates just the right ambiance.
  • Bedtime: Get your kids ready for bed with a single voice command and watch the blinds close, lights turn off, doors lock and thermostat adjust to the perfect sleeping temperature.

Take convenience and connectivity one step further with built-in geofencing capabilities. Shut down and lock your home when you leave or open your home and turn on the lights as you arrive based on the proximity of your smart phone.

The innovative features in our High Performance Homes can be fully personalized to fit your lifestyle. Click here to learn what you can expect in your smart home and explore these expertly crafted home designs now available in Landsea Homes communities across Northern California, Southern California, Florida, Colorado and Arizona.

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