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Oversight of Sustainability and ESG

Our Board works closely with our management team to oversee sustainability and ESG at Landsea, both directly and through its standing committees for priority areas of the program associated with their respective areas of responsibility. The Board appointed the Nominating and Governance Committee (NGC) with primary oversight of Landsea’s sustainability and ESG risk management, strategy, initiatives and policies.

  • In March 2022, the NGC established a Board subcommittee, the ESG Committee, to strengthen its oversight responsibilities of Landsea’s current ESG status, sustainability reporting and utilization of existing operational resources.
  • At a management level, our ESG Working Group plays a key role in championing and governing our overall sustainability strategy and priorities.

Risk Management

While the Audit Committee has primary responsibility for risk oversight, each Board committee oversees the risks associated with its respective areas of responsibility, as follows:

  • Audit Committee: Financial reporting, compliance, information technology and cybersecurity
  • Compensation Committee: Compensation policies and programs applicable to officers and employees
  • NGC: Corporate governance, succession planning and ESG

Cybersecurity and Customer Privacy

Our Information Technology Team oversees our cybersecurity program to diligently guard against any compromise of our data security and customers’ confidential information and provides updates to the Board’s Audit Committee semiannually. We have various tools in place to monitor and protect Landsea’s data security. Our Cybersecurity Awareness Policy provides the framework for Landsea users’ required training on how to identify and prevent the risks of cybersecurity threats.

We believe that the effectiveness of our governance framework is largely a function of our qualified, experienced and diverse Board that is focused on driving Landsea’s long-term success.