Landsea Homes Brings Home the Gold at Arizona MAME Awards

With two big wins and several honorable mentions as category finalists, Landsea Homes has been in the celebrating mood since the 2022 Arizona MAME Awards. From marketing to development, this prestigious annual awards competition by the Home Builders Association of Central Arizona recognizes the best in the homebuilding industry, and Landsea Homes was honored to be awarded as such.

Rookie Salesperson of the Year

Christina Davis

The first win of the night was for Rookie Salesperson of the Year, which went to leading lady Christina Davis. We’re beyond proud of this sales extraordinaire, as she’s not just grown into the role but also excelled with flying colors in order to help prospective buyers find their perfect new homes in Arizona, and we’re thrilled to see her recognized for her unwavering dedication and hard work.

Best Website

Another one for the trophy case—Landsea Homes won the award for Best Website, which recognizes our efforts to truly elevate the online home shopping experience in this digital age. When it comes to selling new homes in our communities across Arizona, we knew we had to create a mobile-forward approach to meet the people where they’re spending their time. But after that realization, we really only had one goal: simplify. And we did so by offering a user-friendly design with in-depth micro-experiences and easily accessible galleries of lifestyle photos, videos, maps and more. Plus, we’ve added two new webpages to make the home buying process more approachable than ever before—one with homebuyer resource videos and another with NFM Lending information and mortgage tools.

Finalist Categories

  1. Builder of the Year
  2. Salesperson of the Year
    • Gary Pelletier
  3. Online Sales Team of the Year
    • Lisa Grant
    • Lisa Emerson
    • Laurenne Mills
  4. Marketing Professional of the Year
    • Nicole Sax
  5. Rising Star of the Year
    • Mindy Perfette
  6. Best Logo Design
  7. Best Online Marketing Campaign
  8. Best Innovative Use of Technology
    • Atlas
  9. Best Architectural Design – 2,500 to 3,00 Sq. Ft.

Landsea Homes doesn’t need awards to know we’ve got a good thing going, but we love to see our stellar team recognized for their out-of-this-world innovation and commitment to helping homebuyers find the homes of their dreams to truly live in their element. We’re honored to have brought home the gold for this year’s Arizona MAME Awards—and we can’t wait to see what the next one will bring.

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