Your Path to Home Ownership in Colorado Starts with a Conversation

One of the more common questions for curious first-time homebuyers is, “Can we even do this?”

At Landsea Homes, our team always encourages the initial step to the homebuying process, starts with a conversation about one’s home dreams and goals.

“We always tell people to come by, and we can help you first find out what your position is. From there, we create a guide on how to get to where you want to go,” said Lannie Ferbend, Sales Manager for the Colorado Division of Landsea Homes. “Maybe you aren’t ready right now, but we can show you how to get ready. And, a lot of times people think they can’t make it work, but usually they can.”

In Colorado, Ferbend often points first-time homebuyers to their new all-electric paired home community, Pintail Commons at Johnstown Village, offering new homes for sale in Johnstown, Colorado. The suburb, an hour away from Denver, continues to thrive as more Denver, Colorado shopping centers, commercial developments and families make their way to Johnstown. The Colorado new homes for sale at Pintail Commons are ideal for homebuyers who want to take their first step into home ownership.

“Pintail Commons is a very cool up and coming neighborhood,” Ferbend said. “The homes are also at a really great price point for entry level homebuyers who want to get into the market.”

According to Ferbend, Landsea Homes offers guidance through its exclusive financial service, Landsea Mortgage, which can assist interested homebuyers with creating a map to get them into their first home. They provide easy steps fto help determine which homes for sale in Johnstown CO fit your needs best.

This includes:

  1. Discovery: It’s important to have an initial conversation with a mortgage lender to find out one’s financial position. This can assist with getting to the next step toward home ownership. It often sounds more intimidating than it is, according to Ferbend.
  2. Qualify: There are a number of First-Time Homebuyer Assistance programs that can assist with getting individuals into their first home. Landsea Mortgage also offers information on grants and programs for veterans.
  3. Rates: Everyone’s biggest concerns are the high percentage mortgage rates, but according to Ferbend, Landsea Homes offers incentive programs to help reduce closing costs, and homebuyers are able to refinance once rates trickle back down, and buyers flood the market.
  4. Money Down: Pulling back the curtain on what a homebuyer needs to purchase a home can be done with an initial conversation with a representative from Landsea Mortgage. Percentages can vary from person to person, and according to Ferbend, can always be a pleasant surprise at how attainable it can be, if not now, at least in the near future. All it takes is a plan.

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