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Why Choose Landsea Homes: 3 Benefits of Living in Our Communities

When you decide that you want a new home, you know that you only want the best. But more than that, you want to choose from the top home builders you can trust. 

As a rising innovative home builder, we at Landsea Homes know that without the confidence of our homeowners (and future homeowners), we wouldn’t make it far. We firmly believe that a house always stands at the center of our lives and that our homes should reflect our deepest beliefs, desires, and comforts.

Our goal as a home builder is to gain the trust of our residents by treating their new homes, and the planet we call home, with complete respect. Working with you as a team, we can give you the luxury home you’ve dreamt of while supporting your most important values. 

How will we do that? Well, we have three benefits that set us apart from other home builders. 

Dedicated Sustainability

You’ve heard it before. Many businesses say that the environment is important to them and that they are taking steps to make their business more sustainable. But the top home builders take it further than words.

At Landsea Homes, we don’t just say that sustainability is important. We embrace sustainability as the means to a better future for our species and our planet. Landsea Homes was born out of the innovative environmental building that began with Landsea Green Group, our parent company. 

Landsea Green Group was one of the first builders to emphasize and implement environmentally conscious building materials, geothermal technology, air, and water filtration systems, and many other innovative features to create a more sustainable living for us and the earth.

Springing out of this with the idea that sustainability and luxury can go hand-in-hand, Landsea Homes continues to use and pioneer these eco-friendly building features in your homes. We even take careful efforts to ensure that conservation is a top priority during construction. 

As one of the top home builders in the United States, and with our focus on sustainability Landsea Homes includes features such as tankless water heaters and kitchen appliances that reduce energy waste. Specific sustainable features vary from community to community, but you can rest assured in your new home knowing that you’ve chosen a home builder who respects our earth and resources as much as you do. 

Thoughtfully Chosen Locations

Of course, sustainable, luxury living is best when it’s in the perfect location for you and your family - and designed by a top home builder. You may be looking for a shorter commute or for a quiet, friendly community. Whatever your needs, you know that there are a lot of options for new housing out there - and some will fit your needs better than others.

When Landsea Homes selects a location for a community, we consider our core beliefs of sustainability, luxury, and harmony with the outside elements. We recognize the need for a variety of locations to fit a variety of needs in our homeowners. With that in mind, our location and designs reflect closely the needs and desires of our homeowners.

For example, our Avora residential collection sits on the New Jersey bank of the Hudson River, offering a perfect view of the New York City skyline. You can enjoy the views from your residence, or you can relax on the sun deck as the lights from the city that never sleeps reflect off the river. If you work in the city and want a shorter, more convenient commute, you’ll love that Avora is placed near ferry docks for easy transport into New York City.

Or, if you’re looking for more space, embrace holistic living in Arizona. Our many communities throughout the state of Arizona highlight stunning desert scenery, active lifestyles, and just enough space to enjoy the outdoors - without being too far away from the city. Easily go on a morning hike, bike through a park, or enjoy some shopping throughout the community. 

Wherever your needs take you, you’ll find homes that flawlessly blend with their environments, bettering their surroundings without distracting from them.   

Home, Not Just Living Space

Of all our core values, the belief that home is the most important place in our lives is what drives Landsea Homes to build the sustainable homes you want. A home should be much more than the place you store your clothes and sleep at night.

Home can be and should be a harmony between the outside environment and the inside livability. From the moment you enter your new home, the feeling should be a celebration of life and space. Home is the most important place there is. Shouldn’t it be everything we can imagine and more. 

Everything we do is backed by this belief. And everything we do is to help bring that belief into your life and experience as well. Home is what you make it, but how you build it says a lot about what the home will become. 

Built to your needs, you’ll find the luxuries and amenities you’re missing in your life now. Whether it’s a mindful setting in Silicon Valley, an elegant floor plan in a Boston high-rise, or a downsized Arizona house supporting an active lifestyle, you’ll enjoy the certainty that your home is the right fit for you in exactly the community you want. 

When you choose Landsea Homes, you’ll know that we value your home as much as you do. You won’t have to wonder if it will be built well - you’ll know it will. You’ll have peace of mind and an assurance that your choice of a top luxury home builder, Landsea Homes, was the right choice - because you’ll have complete trust in us.