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Saving Energy Starts at Home

At Landsea Homes, we believe that your home should not only serve you and your needs but also respect the planet. This is why we take extra care to weave energy efficiency into our designs, lessening our overall impact on the environment and helping our homeowners live happier and healthier lives.

When it comes to sustainable living, the place you call home can play a large role. Thanks to advancements in technology and experienced builders, homes aren't made like they used to be. They're made even better! Owners of new-construction homes are effortlessly saving energy and money because of innovative construction methods and advanced new features that have developed and refined the homebuilding world.

Reduced Waste

Landsea Homes holds a deep respect for the environment and is committed to sustainability, which means we've always taken initiative to build homes that are greener, healthier and more efficient. And now with our new High Performance Homes, we're taking even bigger strides in the realm of energy savings—standardizing the kind of innovation and smart construction that puts more money in your pocket and lessens energy waste.

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Living in an energy-efficient home is the smart thing to do—not only for the environment but also for your wallet. And our High Performance Homes are always working to reduce your utility costs and save natural resources, with included features such as ENERGY STAR® certified appliances, LED lighting, upgraded insulation and tankless water heaters.

Upgraded Insulation

The benefits don't stop there! Smart construction is a huge factor in your everyday comfort at home. With upgraded insulation included, your home's temperature is easy to regulate, and it's even easier with thermostat control on the Apple® Home app. Plus, tankless water heaters offer the convenience of hot water on demand. There's no need to run the faucet to wait for the water to heat up—it's already there. And it's unlimited. This not only keeps your monthly energy bill down but also your water bill.

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The innovative features in our High Performance Homes are more energy efficient, but they're also more efficient for you! New ENERGY STAR® certified appliances boast the latest cutting-edge technology that improves functionality. Plus, they typically require less maintenance and fewer repairs. This also goes for LED lightbulbs and tankless water heaters, which have exceptionally longer lifespans than standard makes and models. The high performance life means you can spend less of your time repairing and replacing and more with your family.

Looking to start your journey toward sustainable living? Landsea Homes offers masterfully crafted and attainably priced High Performance Homes throughout Northern California, Southern California and Arizona. Browse through our newest communities, look for the High Performance Homes logo and get ready to live in your element.

If you want to start saving on utility costs in your own home, we've gathered a few helpful ways to make your life a little more energy efficient.


Not Using It? Turn It Off. Flip the light switch when you walk out of a room. Power down your computer when you're done using it. Turn off bathroom or kitchen ventilation fans when they're not needed. Making sure you're not guzzling unnecessary power is step one to being more energy conscious.

Landsea homeowners can set timers for their indoor and outdoor lights and thermostats using the Apple Home app for even more energy and cost savings. Our homes have settings that let you set it once and forget about it—so everything is programmed to fit your lifestyle.

Change Your Lightbulbs to LED. Making the switch over to LED lightbulbs throughout your home is one of the simplest efforts you can make to save energy. LED lightbulbs contain no toxic elements, last longer and can be up to 80% more efficient than traditional ones.

Seal Cracks and Add Insulation. When you seal off any cracks, gaps and leaks and add insulation in your home, you're giving yourself more control over your home's climate. Plus, you can save up to 10% on heating and cooling costs.

Replace Windows. Your windows can also be energy efficient! Single-pane windows are another culprit of allowing heated or cooled air to escape. Double- or triple-pane replacements as well as solar shades or tinting film will keep your monthly bills lower.

Use Appliances Wisely. Running energy-consuming appliances later at night will help you avoid “peak hours” charges. You can lessen your usage even more by washing clothes in cold water, air drying dishes instead of heat drying in the dishwasher and turning off the oven minutes before cooking time runs out.

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