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Inviting Fall Into Your Home

When you're ready to invite fall into your home, it's the perfect time to explore your inner DIY designer and embrace everything the season offers. Here are six fun and easy ways to capture the season, set the mood, and invite that fall feeling into your family’s living space.

Change Your Accents

Fall Accents

This can be a simple as adding a few fall themed candles to your décor, or as extravagant as making sure every room has the right combination of earthy greens, oranges, and browns to make the season pop around your whole house. Keep in mind that small touches like accent pillows, throws, and tabletop items go a long way in adding subtle seasonal interest without overwhelming a room with a theme.

Set The Tone With A Centerpiece

Fall Centerpiece

Sometimes a centerpiece is all you need to focus a room's decor around fall. Luckily fall is a great opportunity to use nature as an inspiration with a full harvest of squash, gourds, pine cones, and seasonal leaves at your disposal to make a statement. Not only are these natural art pieces low maintenance, they'll also last well into Thanksgiving and can be rearranged with additional elements like fresh flowers or live cape gooseberries (also known as Chinese lanterns or physalis peruviana) to fit any occasion. 

Add Some Spice To Your Life

Fall Spice

Adding the fragrance of fall to the air can be as simple as adding a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg to your French press while your coffee brews, adding spiced teas like chai to your afternoon pick-me-up rotation, or mulling some hot cider to enjoy in the evening. Fall is also a great opportunity to embrace your inner baker and create an ongoing menu of sweets and goodies to decorate your kitchen counter tops.

Bring Comfort Food to The Table

Fall Comfort Food

While we're on the subject of seasonal flavors, there's no better way to invite fall into your home than changing up your recipe routine. It's time to transition away from our summertime grills and enjoy the low and slow joys of simmered soups, savory casseroles, and showstopping roasts. Fall creates the perfect opportunity to host a dinner party showcasing your favorite autumn dishes.

Set the Tone With Natural Decor

Fall Wreath

Entrances set the mood for your interior space and the fall season offers countless opportunities to craft natural finds into themed wreaths, garlands, and doorway decorations. If you have children in your life, or adults that are kids at heart, fall walks create a great excuse to discover fun materials to bring home and create family-crafted decorations. Potted plants around a doorway can also add dramatic fall color and impact, with the dramatic seasonal foliage of dwarf Japanese maples making a standout choice for container gardening.

Mix Function and Design

Fall Decor

Nothing sets the mood like functional decor. If you have some cute galoshes, a hipster-worthy vintage peacoat, and some cute beanies, mix up with your daily home exit plan with a beautiful hall tree. Keep your colors smart, matched, and attractive, and the accessories you grab on your way out can capture the mood for fall. If you have a wood burning fireplace, a small stack of wood can be an attractive addition to your living room fall decor. Change up your wood types, sizes, and shapes to create visually appealing, fully functional centerpieces.