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Home Offices Designed to Inspire

Whether it's an artsy studio or a functional office, there's never been a better time to have a practical and comfortable at-home workspace.

At Landsea Homes, we always have our sights set on the bigger picture. Each home and community we build is thoughtfully crafted with every aspect of your life in mind so that you can truly live in your element. That means innovative floor plans, versatile living options and smart spaces that can easily adapt to your work-from-home needs.

When it comes to setting up your home office, it's important to make a space that you'll love to spend time in, which all comes down to the details. You'll want to include design elements and features that inspire and maximize productivity—but most importantly—feel like you. There are many ways to create a suitable and trendy workspace, but here are some of our favorites.

Chic & Glamorous

Just because it's a space for business calls and reading emails, doesn't mean it can't have a touch of glamor. You'll feel organized and ready to take charge of the day in this first-floor home office at Windstone at IronRidge in Lake Forest, California. While neutral tones and natural lighting make this space feel more open, dark and elegant wall paneling and shelving add depth and drama for a harmonious atmosphere. Statement pieces, like a gold hanging light fixture and unique desk, make this space all the more inspiring.

Home office | Windstone at IronRidge | New Homes in Lake Forest, CA | Landsea Homes

Bold & Simple

Sometimes less is more, which is a true statement for this study at Skylark at Sanctuary Village in Newark, California. Clean and clutter-free with interest-piquing details, this home office will both soothe and get your creative juices flowing. Black and white tones present a minimalist approach, elevating the room's overall ambience. Yet the sharp color contrast along with uniquely shaped furniture, imaginative pieces and a geometric accent wall give it a bolder and daring feel. You're bound to experience waves of genius when you work from home in a space like this.

Home office | Skylark at Sanctuary Village | New homes in Newark, CA | Landsea Homes

Naturally Inspiring

The live/work floor plans at Catalina in Santa Clara, California, are made for your best work-from-home life. With a flexible first-floor living area intentionally designed for at-home work, opening your front door will have you saying, "Step into my office." The natural elements in this home workspace, like organic paintings and decorative plants, make for a tranquil atmosphere. Warm neutral tones and light woods give off a bright and airy impression. And open shelving with designated baskets is a great way to stay organized and find things you may need in a pinch.

Home office | Catalina | New homes in Santa Clara, CA | Landsea Homes

Open & Airy

You want your home office to have the perfect balance of professionalism and at-home comfort. This workspace at Highlands at Verrado in Buckeye, Arizona, does just that. Cooler neutral tones are essential for concentration, while pops of warmer woods and decorative plants add liveliness. It's rustic elements with a modern color scheme—truly the best of both worlds. Plus, suede chairs and a comfortable rug add a cozy feeling. With this airy, pristine and naturally lit home office, you're ready for all of your video conference calls.

Home office | Highlands at Verrado | New homes in Buckeye, AZ | Landsea Homes

Landsea Homes has communities across Southern California, Northern California and Arizona that have dynamic spaces waiting to be transformed into your ideal home workspace. Take the time to explore our innovative floor plans to find the one that will perfectly suit your work-from-home needs.

Already have a home office and looking to add a little more inspiration and comfort? Check out some easy tips to create a more productive atmosphere right at home.

5 Tips for Designing Your Home Office

Make It Comfortable. If you're going to be spending hours in your home office, you want it to be just as comfortable as it is practical. Investing in a high-quality chair for your desk or creating a cozy corner for thinking breaks can make all the difference.

Include Things You Love to Look At. From painting an accent wall your favorite color to embellishing your desk with family photos, cherished mementos and interesting knickknacks, personalizing your home office means you'll be happy to spend more time in it.

Storage Comes in All Shapes & Sizes. Everyone's home office looks different and may have unique limitations. Whether you're in the market for a specific style, size or function, it's important to explore various storage options and get creative to find what will best fulfill your needs.

Add Greenery. Whether you're a houseplant connoisseur or a green thumb in training, adding plants to your home office space brings the outdoors in and can really liven up the room. Plus, houseplants can supposedly improve concentration and boost your mood!

Lighten Up. The lighting in your home office can really change things up. Natural light can help keep you calmer and more productive, so set up your desk where you can benefit from the sun shining through your windows. Don't forget table lamps for a warm glow during the darker hours of the day.

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