Holiday Gift Guide: Phoenix, Arizona Edition

Home is where you celebrate the holidays  – but you can’t show up to your holiday events empty-handed. You’ve got family, friends, neighbors, and more to find gifts for. Sometimes though, finding the perfect gift that fits the Arizona lifestyle is harder than it sounds.

So if you’re looking to give gifts that embrace the best of Arizona, you’ve found the perfect guide. With a mix of items from local Phoenix shops and gifts that support the Arizona lifestyle and cater to all types of people, these gifts are sure to stand out to your friends and family this year.

For the Kitchen Lover

Not everyone is a chef, but that doesn’t mean the kitchen isn’t the center of the home. If you’re gifting to someone who loves to host dinner parties, try new recipes, or just have an entertaining kitchen, these are the gifts to gift.

Shapes Tea Towel – Blue


A kitchen can never have too many towels. And this one is a stylish dark dusty blue with a Southwestern touch that will fit in almost any kitchen. This towel isn’t only stylish, it’s also absorbent, making it practical and attractive.

The best part – it supports sustainable living by discouraging the need for single-use paper towels. Not to mention it’s machine washable.

Source: Local Nomad

Oil Bottle by Nancy Kuefler


Kitchens need art, so why not make the art useful? These handmade ceramic oil bottles come in three colors so you can choose assorted colors or pick the best match for the Kitchen Lover’s home. Artsy, Southwestern, and useful. What more could they want?

Source: Practical Art

Sabino Tumbler

$32.00 each

Sometimes, people just want some new dishes to freshen up the kitchen. If you know someone looking to shake up their kitchen a bit, try gifting these gneiss-rock-inspired tumblers. The Sabino Tumblers will fit in with most kitchens (Southwestern or not).

Source: Local Nomad

For the Person Who Wants Pampering

Sometimes, people just need to relax and take care of themselves. Whether the person you’re shopping for loves to relax or needs help learning to relax, these gifts are a great start for feeling good.

Wild Women Hand Cut Soaps


Soap doesn’t have to be a cheap grocery store experience. Wild Women’s soaps prove that washing can be a sensory experience of scent, soothing, and aesthetic. These soaps come in two different color schemes and scents – Prickly Pear and Grand Canyon. Each one unifies home with the beauty of nature, just like a master-planned community should.

Source: Sibley’s West

All Natural Lotion in a Solid Bar


Know someone who struggles with dry skin? Instead of gifting the usual bottle of lotion, give them a lotion bar. Made with all-natural ingredients, these bars include SPF 15 and come in nine different scents including Cactus Flower, Arizona Cowboy, and Pearberry. There’s even a fragrance-free option if people like to keep their lotion simple.

Source: Sibley’s West

For the One Who Likes It Spicy

There are people who cry over spicy food… but this person is the opposite. Spicy food is the only food for this person, so help them face the bland food in the world with these burning Arizona originals.

Arizona Gunslinger Hot Sauce


Hot sauce goes on everything, right? Choose from four flavors of hot sauce ranging from jalapeno to chipotle habanero, and the Spicy Food Lover will never complain of bland food again. Plus, each bottle comes with a little cowboy hat on the lid. Welcome to the Southwest, people.

Source: Sibley’s West

Arizona Rub Spices Box Trio with CD


This trio of spices is great for the meat-lover in your life. Each box includes three different rub flavors, and with a mild or a spicy trio to choose from, you can cater to their love of heat at any level. Plus, the set includes a CD of recipes so they can really enjoy the rubs.

Source: Sibley’s West

Prickly Pear Salsa


A medium heat salsa so your friend can have their heat… but no one they share the salsa with has to cry. Prickly pear brings a unique, fruity flavor to this chili-filled salsa. This is a great choice for someone who not only likes spicy food but also likes to test out new, exotic flavors.

Source: Sibley’s West

For Nieces and Nephews

The cutest people in your life deserve the cutest gifts, right? But that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the Phoenix, Arizona culture. Introduce them to the Southwest with these gift ideas.

A Cowgirl and Her Horse


Picture books are fun for kids to look at, but they also give parents (or awesome aunts and uncles) a chance to bond with the kiddos. This fun tale of a cowgirl learning to care for her horse will have your little niece giggling with you.

Source: Sibley’s West

Rustic 3” Dream Catcher


Do the kids in your family have frequent nightmares? Try giving them a dream catcher to help them sleep better. Don’t forget to tell them the legend of the dream catcher when you gift it. Plus, it will make a great decoration in their bedroom. Made by a three-generation family-owned business in Phoenix.

Source: Sibley’s West

Scorpion Wood Puzzle


Are your nephews and nieces little busybodies? Give them something to focus on with this 3D wood puzzle. It’ll give them a glimpse of desert life without putting them in danger.

Source: Sibley’s West

For the Newlyweds

Newlyweds can be tough to shop for at the holidays. After all, they’ve just had a wedding. And received a lot of gifts. So if you don’t want to go the gift card route, try these ideas that will give their townhome some finishing touches.

Lunar Jewelry Dish – White


Newlyweds love their wedding rings. The problem? Their fingers haven’t exactly grown into them yet. Even if the rings fit well, it can be easy for a ring to slip off when they wash their hands. So gift them a jewelry dish that can sit next to the sink and keep their rings safe from the drain. Peace of mind and a stylish home decoration? Check and check.

Source: Local Nomad


Sandstone Coaster

$5.95 each

If they’re the newlyweds who love having dinner parties, gift them a set of sandstone coasters. These will look stunning on their tables and counters and will protect all surfaces in their apartment – which they will thank you for when they eventually move to a more permanent home. The coasters can be plain sandstone or can be etched with one of four different desert images.

Source: Sibley’s West

Wild Sam Field Guide – Desert Southwest


Nothing makes a room feel homey like having a book displayed. And newlyweds love feeling like their little apartment or townhome is just as homey as their future house will be. So help them bring their home together with a simple book. Bonus, if they read it, they’ll be more than ready to take on the Arizona desert if they head out on a road trip.

Source: Local Nomad

For the New Homeowners

Maybe you need to gift to people who have moved on from apartment life and settled in a cozy master-planned community in Phoenix. A new home needs a lot of help coming together, and you can contribute by gifting a house-warming gift.


Silkscreen Prints by Jake Early


Art can make a new house feel like a home. And if you can give them desert art, the homeowners will feel like they really belong in the Arizona desert. These silkscreen prints have a modern design that embraces the various desert colors and wildlife. Choose from ten different prints to find the right style.

Source: Practical Art

Grand Canyon National Park Candle


Every new homeowner loves their fresh paint – but they don’t love the smell of it. Gift your new homeowners with a hand-poured soy candle that brings the desert inside their home.

Source: Local Nomad

Rope Bowl

$35.00 each

Simple, but stunning – coiled rope bowls with tiny splashes of color can really complete a coffee table or dresser. Your new homeowners could fill the bowl with snacks, jewelry, or just leave it empty. They’ll love how versatile and useful the rope bowl is.

Source: Practical Art

For the Neighbors

Neighborhoods can be a tight-knit community – especially in master-planned communities. You want to show your neighbors you care, but you also want to keep it affordable. Here’s a great option that can easily fit in most homes.

8.25IN Potted Succulent


Drought-resistant plants make a perfect home gift in Arizona. This succulent comes in a geometric wooden pot, and you can choose from three colors. As a small gift, this succulent can fit in your neighbor’s home. Or if you’re gifting to your desk-neighbors at work, this splash of greenery will make their office job more enjoyable.

Source: At Home

For the Active Lifestyler

Life in Phoenix, Arizona is like no other lifestyle. Life reaches new heights in the constant sunshine, diverse outdoor activities, and nearby natural wonders. Help both long-time Arizonians and desert newbies take advantage of the Phoenix lifestyle with these gifts.

Premium Metallic Sunset Yoga Mat (6MM)


Part of a healthy, active lifestyle is mindfulness. With the beautiful Arizona desert and sunshine all around, it’s easy to do outdoor yoga classes – especially if the Active Lifestyler lives in a community that supports neighborhood activities. Gift a yoga mat so your friend can be actively mindful – and so they don’t have to borrow the community mats.

Source: Gaiam

32 oz Wide Mouth Wonder Water Bottle


Active lifestyles require constant hydration, so gift your local Phoenix friends and family with new water bottles. This limited edition water bottle comes in three different colors (we like the Dawn color – it looks like the desert). Even better, no one will have to worry about their water getting warm. This bottle can keep the water cold for 24 hours.

Source: Hydro Flask

Landsea Homes

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