Getting Your Home Ready for Fall

The leaves are changing colors and sweaters are starting to make a comeback, so now’s the time to bring the feeling of fall into your home too. With simple additions, you can easily transition your living space to fit your autumn vibe.

Set the Mood

Our High Performance Home features, including home automation, make it even easier to set the scene – turn up the heat, dim the lights and put on one of our Sounds of Home playlists with a tap or your voice.

Soft Scents and Warm Candles

Filling your home with your favorite scents is key to bringing back fond memories and making it feel inviting. Whether it’s the smell of brown sugar, the aroma of the forest or the fragrance of potpourri, here are a few easy DIY methods for fresh fall scents.

  • DIY Pumpkin Spice Room Spray: Add a few drops of clove, ginger, orange, cardamom and cinnamon essential oils into one cup of distilled water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle, then spray all over the home!
  • Fall Simmer Pot: One way to ensure your whole house smells cozy is to throw in apples, oranges, cinnamon sticks and spices with some water, bring the ingredients to a boil in a pot or slow cooker and simmer or set to low for several hours to build that scent.


Home interiors with fall decor

Give It Some Color

Pops of color, such as amber, autumn orange and jewel tones, bring the natural look and feel of fall into your home décor. Fresh floral arrangements with autumnal flowers are an easy way to bring in some seasonal style. You can even swap out some staple pieces like cushions, tablecloths or towels to easily keep the fall theme flowing throughout your home.


Don’t Forget Textures

Blankets, rugs and throw pillows help boost the cozy factor of your home. Soft fabrics with texture, such as flannel, tweed or velvet, are great options to keep you and your loved ones comfortable on those cooler fall evenings.

Once your home’s décor fits your fall vibe, lean into it a little more by using your gourmet kitchen to cook up your favorite comfort foods – it’s all possible when you #LiveInYourElement!

fall season baked goods in kitchen

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