Tips for a Living Room Redesign

Tips of a Living Room Redesign

Are you looking to liven up your living room? Check out these great ideas to get you started on revamping your space.

View a variety of living room layout options to help you nail down a look that reflects your style while still remaining functional and inviting. Draw a rough sketch of what you have in mind to get out all of your great ideas. Take some measurements, write down a list and head out to purchase your desired furniture!

Add some artwork or playful patterns to dial up the dimension. Use large art pieces to bring attention to the space or use beautifully patterned wallpaper. Find inspiration in the colors from your main focal piece to add additional décor like throw pillows, rugs and blankets.

Layer your coffee table with a mix of fun decorations. Start with fresh flowers or other greenery. Place a gorgeous coffee tray that ties in with your overall living room look. Add pieces with different heights to bring in some drama to the design. Put a few books on there and you’ll complete your new coffee table look!

Don’t forget about decorating shelves or mantels. Group books by color on shelves to maintain a pleasant and organized design that continues to emphasize the overall theme. Take the less-is-more approach when placing décor on top of mantels to add a small touch to the living room.