Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Kingswood RESIDENCE 2 - Living Room

Spring is in the air – don’t let a disorganized house ruin it. Give the season the welcome it deserves with these spring-cleaning tips and tricks.

First things first, it’s time to declutter. Create a list of every room in the house and how much time you should spend tossing out old and unnecessary items. Next, gather a few trash bags or boxes and choose what stays or goes. If you have issues throwing out old treasures, ask yourself these questions.

Next, create a sorting system – keep, throw out, donate, etc. This will force you to make a final decision about each item and allows your trash to become someone else’s treasure. A garage sale is also a wonderful way to rid yourself of unwanted but perfectly good pieces.

For the deep cleaning of each room, make sure to create a checklist similar to this. This allows you to properly prepare when tackling each area. Check out these HGTV thorough cleaning tips to help you in each area of the home.

A clean home is a happy home – now enjoy yours!