New branding for Landsea Homes

We’re proud to share the new logo and tagline for Landsea Homes.

Our branding story
Welcome to your future. It’s not coming, it’s here and we’re already living in it. A place where modern construction meets organic design elements, creating the impressive living spaces that you’ll call home. When architecture is beautiful, it’s because there is vision in construction, not just calculation. Spaces should be designed to connect you to your surroundings, not separate you from them. A Landsea home isn’t an acquisition, it’s an agreement you make with yourself. To be brave and curious.

Although it is a common refrain in construction and homebuilding, sustainability means more to Landsea Homes than promotional copy on a web site. It is the defining characteristic of our parent company, who pioneered the use of environmentally-conscious building materials, high-performance windows, air and water filtration systems and other advancements that contribute to healthier and more enjoyable living.

We have a deep respect for the shared environment of the communities we create, and it manifests itself in the meticulous thought we put into the balance of the inside and outside environments.