Kingswood by Landsea: A Breath of Fresh Air

Kingswood RESIDENCE 3

Every great achievement has a story behind it. As the fastest-selling new home community in the master plan of Jordan Ranch in Dublin, Kingswood by Landsea has much to tell about its newfound success. And, with new condominiums that offer greater energy-efficient technology, incredible kitchens and distinctly superior included features, the new residents have even more to say about this flourishing community. For new homeowner Sangeeta, the story behind Kingswood is the story of coming home.

Before purchasing at Kingswood, Sangeeta was renting a small two-bedroom apartment on the Peninsula with her husband and five-month-old daughter. With little space and few amenities, buying was clearly the next step, so they set out on their search for the ideal new home.

After visiting several new home projects in the area, the couple came across Kingswood, a first impression they’ll never forget. “We were extremely impressed by the level of included amenities, which were illustrated by the kitchen display in the Welcome House,” explained Sangeeta. “We had seen a fair number of new construction homes, but this was an eye-opener. Other builders show you their models and you do the math and discover that everything’s an upgrade, so Kingswood was a breath of fresh air.”

With their hearts set on Kingswood, the couple got on the priority list and hoped for the best. Fearing they would not secure the home they had chosen, the couple was soon relieved with feelings of joy when they received the good news. From there, they entered escrow, a smooth process they credit to the diligence of the sales team.

“I was so nervous that we would not get our home, and then, when the sales counselors told us we’d gotten it, I was so thrilled,” said Sangeeta. “They were accessible and proactive. They called and emailed in advance every step of the way, and they were great at walking first-time buyers through the closing process. We have also talked to the construction team, and they were very helpful. You can tell a lot of thought and quality has gone into every detail. It has been thrilling to see our house go up.”

Though the couple hasn’t moved in yet, they’ve already begun to realize the benefits of life at Kingswood. “Kingswood allows you a lifestyle comparable to living in a single-family home for the price of a condominium,” stated Sangeeta. With homes selling faster than expected, savvy homebuyers agree that Kingswood is arguably the best value in Dublin. By selecting the best locations with top-ranked school districts and building homes designed for families, Landsea provides buyers with the lifestyle they desire.

“It’s a big change from life on the Peninsula,” said Sangeeta. “We are excited to have all this space after living in a two-bedroom apartment. The open layout, the kitchen—it’s all so beautiful and spacious. There are beautiful rolling hills and lots of open space to take our baby for a walk in a safe and secure environment. We couldn’t be more happy.”