Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas

Inspiring Bedroom Design Ideas

Plan your bedroom color palette to bring your bedroom together. High contrast colors can make impactful, yet elegant statements. Use various monochromatic hues to make a subtle and soothing statement. Add patterns in a complementing color to add a pop to a wall.


Create your own headboard that caters to your taste to completely redefine your master bedroom. Choose textures that complement the bedding and color palette you are planning to use. Pinterest is laden with beautifully DIY headboards, including this upcycled pallet piece and upholstered headboard with nailhead trim.


Add layers of lights for a specific and inviting ambiance. An overhead pendant or chandelier can become a stunning focal point in the room. Accent lights provide function, such as on a table for bedtime reading. Decorate table lamps with gorgeous lampshades that complement the room and diffuse light for bedtime reading.


Refresh your room with new bedding. Balance out your room with textured bedding. Continue your chosen color scheme with duvet and pillow covers. Mix pillow patterns and styles to add some more excitement. Choose fabric that matches your vision. Fabric with sheen creates a more glamorous vibe, whereas matte fabric can bring in a calmer, more comfortable look.


Individualize your bedroom furniture to bring a unique look. Place trendy pieces throughout your bedroom that tie the overall design together. A comfortable corner armchair or a bench at the foot of the bed can add flair. Think about which furniture pieces can include storage to help organize and declutter.