Design Styles for your Bedroom


Turn your bedroom into your own personal oasis by choosing the design style that suits you best.

If you enjoy vibrant colors and patterns an eclectic bedroom may work best for you. The design uses different varieties of patterns, color and textures to create a cohesive look when combined. Both modern and vintage inspired pieces work well with this look, making it quite easy to include all treasures found, bought and gifted throughout the years.

The romantic design style is ideal for anyone who prefers a delicate, feminine space. Soft hues, lighting, intricate fabrics and draperies really make this look shine. Also, try incorporating fresh flowers and other natural elements into your bedroom for that extra sweet touch.

Go with a contemporary design style if you enjoy slight pops of color. Neutral bedroom spaces are brought to life with chic accessories and sleek furniture. Don’t be afraid to also include personal art, or abstract pieces into your ultramodern haven.

A coastal design is perfect for anyone looking to bring the relaxed vibes of the beach into their home. Muted colors and light fabrics make this look simple yet stunning. Incorporate small accents of bamboo or stripes to add a welcomed pop to the bedroom.

Whether you prefer simple or bold, we hope you enjoy creating your new ideal bedroom with Landsea Homes.