Management Team

  • John Ho
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Mike Forsum
    Chief Operating Officer, Corporate
  • Anthony Dolim
    Chief Financial Officer
  • Paul Lee
    Chief Investment Officer
  • Leticia Vazquez
    Senior Vice President, Finance
  • Franco Tenerelli
    General Counsel
  • Michael O'Heany
    Corporate Controller
  • Andy G. Zhong
    Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific
  • Chester Gu
    Vice President, Education & Value-Added Services
  • Greg Balen
    President, California Division
  • Bob Montgomery
    Vice President, Operations, Western U.S.
  • Gene Strojek
    Vice President of Project Management, Western U.S.
  • Greg Ocasek
    Senior Project Manager, Western U.S.
  • Brian Frame
    Project Manager, Western U.S.
  • Alec Tappin
    Project Manager, Western U.S.
  • Darrell Bolognesi
    Vice President, Acquisitions, Western U.S.
  • Norman Ho
    Director of Purchasing, Western U.S.
  • Dalia Valdivia
    Director of Customer Care, Western U.S.
  • Kaylee Smith
    Sales and Marketing Manager, Western U.S.
  • Jack Rye
    Acquisitions Manager and Financial Analyst, Western U.S.
  • Thomas Graham
    Senior Vice President, Operations, Eastern U.S.
  • Jed Lowry
    First Vice President, Eastern U.S.
  • Gabe Pasquale
    Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Eastern U.S.
  • Damon Woolf
    Acquisitions and Development Manager, Eastern U.S.
  • Angelo Antidormi
    Associate, Eastern U.S.

Board of Directors

  • Ming (Martin) Tian
    Board Member
  • Qin (Joanna) Zhou
    Board Member
  • Marc Chasman
    Board Member
  • Bruce Frank
    Board Member
  • Robert Miller
    Board Member
  • John Ho
    Board Member