5 Interior Design Trends for Summer

5 Interior Design Trends for Summer

A season change is the perfect time to spruce up your home. Check out these five tips to get your house ready for summer!

Inspire through outdoor living spaces. Dress up patio furniture with some colorful, weatherproof pillows. A lovely pillow design could transform a simple space into an inviting retreat. Invest in patio furniture and accessorize tables with trendy pieces. Place a container garden to maintain and highlight the area with beautiful flowers or herbs. If you are short on floor space, enhance the area with a few hanging plants to really brighten a covered patio.

Refresh with new color palettes and patterns. Replacing décor with fresh, warm colors can make a tired room brand new. Change lampshades or bar stools to liven a neutral space. Alternatively, update your interior with fun, yet minimal patterns. A tablecloth with a few stripes or stripped pillows create a summery look.

Enhance with natural lighting. Place light-colored, open-weave shades to create diffused lighting during the warm summer months. Add well-placed mirrors throughout the home so light can bounce from room to room.

Rearrange for a new view. Move wall frames to other rooms or put heavy frames away to create a sleeker look. Replace heavy drapery with sheers to allow a nice breeze in. Rearrange chairs to face the windows and enjoy the natural light shining through.

Update your arrangements. Plant succulents or arrange flowers in a large shell to add a summery vibe to living room and dining tables. Vibrant and pastel flower colors are perfect for brightening up an entryway or great room. Watering can arrangements or clear glass jar arrangements make a wonderful addition to your outdoor space.

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